Sunday, May 15, 2005

May Sunshine

Well - just one and a half more days at school with the students. Teachers gone on the 18th then my work really begins. We are cutting hay in the local fields and got a good rain storm this weekend. Only a couple of 80 degree days. The new grandaughter arrived from Illinois today. Mother Bear is in tall cotton. The new mother is pleased with herself and the new father is hooked! Little does he know.

There are some good History Channel options tonight. Will have to get Mother Bear back to the home before they start. It appears however that we will lose some government support for her stay in the home. Not sure what we will do when the rules change. But as with the other ups and downs of life, we will face the music together. It does get a bit lonely when you are doing these things by yourself.

There are 66 new computers arriving next week. Some labs are going to upgrade and others will be refurbished. All sorts of new software and three servers to be rebuilt and reloaded in June. Then installation of software starts. Oh fun and games. The life of a Network Adminsitrator.

The cat is secure (tired as usual, baby crying, to much work to do and not enough time to do it)
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