Monday, March 07, 2005

March Madness

March madness has arrived. Basketball is in full roar and I am going nuts with the sniffles. The sun is making the grass grow, along with hay and all the other things in the hills and dales. I will sniffle and cough for months.

The count down to granddaughter is in the continue mode. I understand that in the household of the expectant mother, house cleaning is in full swing. A sure sign of an impending birth. The new father is no doubt, unable to do anything right or move fast enough to satisfy the new mom. Ah, how sweet. Get your revenge. Live long enough to see these things heaped on the generation behind you. I warned him before the wedding that he would be sorry. But he just had to do it anyway. Kids - they never listen anyway.

School is - well - going. To steal a line from a movie - "Springtime comes to the veldt and the young bucks break out in monkey bites". Arguments, pushing, shoving and a general lack of attention to the work at hand are sending the fuses of tempers to the short stage. Guys who stood shoulder to shoulder in a football game four months ago are now trying to knock each others heads off. The distaff side of the world cannot make up their minds what they want to do. Perhaps some third person will be chosen.

The cat is secure !
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