Monday, February 28, 2005

Sunshine in the Ozarks

The sun is out this morning. Do not know what to think. The winter has been pretty mild, although the old timers say that we will get dumped on in March. Spring snows can be really fun.

Momma Bear (alias the Queen Bee) and the Queen Bee in training, are all up in a tizzy. Two weeks from yesterday, the first grand-daughter will arrive on the scene. When the only daughter is going to have a daughter, the world gets turned upside down. I have been introduced to a new concept (hope our government does not get wind of it) called the GDST. Now the GDST is the Grand-Daughter Shopping Tax. The rules concerning this tax are still not defined well enough for this old accountant to figure out how to mimize the impact. I have a feeling that I never will figure them out. It is just a short hand way of shopping for the new lady in town without having to purr and coo to the guy who pays the bills.

School is going. Our District Virtual School is off the ground and we are going to give it a shot. It would take three weeks to explain the concept. It will be fun to try.

The cat is secure -
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