Monday, January 17, 2005

Out of the Cold and Frozen Ozarks - Part 2

Darn it is cold again! Getting old - hard to breath in the sub-freezing weather. It is nice to have a holiday. I needed it. Last week was busy and sort of a bumpy ride. Won a war on one front and lost a battle on another front. Momma Bear is happy however. An extra day at home from the nursing home. She wants to come home, but it is probably not safe for her.

Putting in my little digs on the local sports scene. The local college coach is a joke. Should have been a preacher like his father. Would not say a bad word if he had a mouth full of them. He is a firm seller of the idea of believing in something you have never seen before. In some areas that is ok - not in Division 1 basketball.

Well, we got the go from the Superintendent to for the DVS. A District Virtual School. We have a group of folks across all buildings in the District who are being put together to make a run at improving our test scores. We think that we can do this over a period of three years to four years. It will be interesting. I think, we are going to be sold down the river in the long run. It does not fit the "we are poor and need more money" philosophy of Education that is currently in style. If we were successful, then, oh my gosh, we might have to work hard all the time! Can't have that! Of course, hope that I am wrong. I'm a glass half empty kind of guy.

The cat is secure (and warm)

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