Sunday, January 23, 2005

Cold in the Ozarks Again

It is down about 10 degrees right now and warming up to 20? What a morning to have a flat tire. But I managed. In an earlier posting, I mused about moving to Missouri from California. Why the move at the ripe old age of 45 you ask? Well - the powers that be tore down the Little League Stadium to build apartments! That's right! Demolished the ballpark! Progress is really horrible when it happens in your "hood". I see on the net this morning, that the "hood" elementary school is on the block for closing. Benjamin Corey closing. So much for the memories of Sissy, Jim and Tim and me. "Trace" is on the block for closing also, along with "Hester". Guess the folks in the old "hood" have grown old, like me, and the kids are out having kids. Whoops - the kids of the kids are having kids! Sheesh! Skipped a generation for a second.

Our State decided to lower the bar for meeting the requirements of NCLB. Chickens! They have been running like jack rabbits for a decade now trying to "improve". The powers that be have not figured it out at this point, so instead of applying more pressure by letting folks fail - we lower the bar. Like Little League. Used to be you had to have skills to play. Now you get to play just by showing up and saying I want to play. Good and bad in ways. It remains to be seen if the educational establishment has the hair to truly change and improve.

The cat is secure and getting warmer.

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