Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Almost the New Year

Almost time to run for a quick trip to the Court House. It is property tax time again and the County needs their revenue. Also need to work out the Jury Summons issue. It is only for 6 months. On call for 6 months. Nice thing about red states, you can go do these things without long lines and a multitude of forms. Everybody knows you by name, face and car. :)

It will soon be time for reflection about 2004. Come Friday, no work and will get Momma Bear from the Nursing Home for the holiday. Will read the blogs, news sites and whatever may pop up on the net.

Momma Bear and I will begin the "pecking" and posturing for the Orange Bowl. Big problem in this house! Momma Bear is from OK. And is an avid OU fan. Papa Bear is Southern Cal "68". I have a feeling that Southern Cal will win the football game and I will lose all the verbal battles in the house! If Southern Cal does not win, it will be "hurtsville".

There will be more discussions about the new granddaughter that will arrive in March 2005. Back in the days of the Bear Flag Republic in CA, it was reported in a newspaper that "A man's wife and property were not safe as long as the legislature was in session" After 4 grandsons, the first granddaughter is about to come on the scene. Think I will start hiding resources. Momma Bear is going to put the pressure on to "properly" outfit the new arrival. I always thought that was the fathers job. Apparently not!

Catminder "out"

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